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After years on the road and managing a countless number of tours, our President, Brian Killian, recognized that there was a gap between brands/agencies and their marketing initiatives on the road. Corporations will spend millions of marketing dollars on mobile tours, event execution, sponsors, etc. With an investment of this magnitude, a client should expect secure transportation of their assets and flawless event execution.

In 2015, Killian took matters into his own hands and created a solution for the brands and agencies that expected things done the right way. As Turnkey DOT expanded, the roster was filled with extensive knowledge of marketing, logistics and life on the open road.

Our mission is to provide a turnkey solution for your event and transportation needs. We handle log book auditing, IFTA, permits, drug tests, driver files, vehicle files, maintenance files and more. Let’s just say we take the burden and stress of event planning off your hands, and we are happy to do it.

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